Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Mountain and the River....

After a very long time; five years to be specific, I came across yet another phase in my life when I was again full upto the brim. This time though I had no energy in me to raise the height of my life’s cauldron of sensitivities. So like the last time this time again it came out as elusively as possible in a flutter of words and rhythms, portions of which I present to you….

I was a hard rocky mountain

Gave permission to a river to flow
Permission to cut into me- valleys and gorges
And a waterfall of emotions.

The river came fluttering on my surface,
Meandered into every nook and corner.
Causing cracks and crevices, at places bumps
But all in all smoothening my edges..

Wherever it went it left a trace;
At times ponds of love,
At times lakes of insecurity
Pools of deception and puddles of hope…

Now there’s greenery all along the way
Though many barren patches too
The water moistened my crust,
Replenishing a spring inside….

I thought I was finally alive
With life; liveliest as one could be
But then the river had it’s own as well
Long before I could realize
It went slowly blending into an ocean
On the other side of the world…..


Meow said...

That's the fate of us mountains
little do we know
The bitter truth of life
& let the river flow
To use us just as a path
& go to the ocean wide
That's how it was destined
& we as mere spectators, abide....

Chaggoholic.... said...

Thats a grt poetic continuation i got as a comment. Thnx Meow....

Anonymous said...

Great work.