Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Bottomless Pitcher that never fills but always overflows....

Well firstly a thanks to all those who visit but never bother to comment ;) And a sweet thanks to Meow who's got my comment window going. Well here's another post which got ready much earlier but somehow there was something that kept me from posting it so soon. Also i didnt want it to overshadow my first post "The Mountain and the River" which is quite close to my heart.

The second one was more like a memoir written for the person to whom the post & the story "A Night under the stars...." belonged. I hope i did justice there.

The last post just had to come before this one as it was beautifully started for continuation by Meow. Hope it fell in place.

The below post is again very close to my heart maybe thats why even after writing it i have added 3 more paras while i was entering it online. There is a lot more to be told....

About The Bottomless Pitcher
One that never fills but still overflows....

A barrel of water for some
A bucketful of tears for the other
A pocketful of love for one
A volcano of fears for the other

How do I describe this pitcher?
One that never fills but still overflows
No matter how high I brim it

It still overflows….

What fills it up I wish I knew?
my belief of God or my love for you
Joy and smiles or Despair and tears
Peace and strength or anger and fears

I feel it’s like a brain
Sensitive but strong and sane
Maybe it’s a heart
Gullible and fragile but not so smart

It acts like a door
Left ajar to let one know more
One who keeps changing with time
Walks in, walks out not caring a nickel or a dime!!!!

A glass door, Plz handle with care
It leads to the pitcher, Thou shalt not dare
Enter at your risk, Leave at your will
It may be locked, you break it until….

Everytime I allow someone
Everytime I let go of one
Everytime one enters and spends the night

Everytime one leaves turning off the light

Everytime one knocks but I never hear
Everytime one intends to enter but doesn’t in fear
Everytime one storms out breaking the door
Everytime one enters, stays; expecting some more

This pitcher again furiously overflowed
Invisible tears poured, poured and poured
Wish I wish it could simply just leak
Chances I go finding a Plumber-Ah so bleak!!!!

The door made of glass,
The door to my heart
My heart- that’s the pitcher
One that never fills but still overflows….

A very cute plumber! Maybe i do get him....


Anonymous said...

I feel the pitcher isn't really bottomless. It has pores that needs to be mended. I'd only say the ones who enter through the door with the wish to stay need to be explored further rather than ignoring and pushing them away in the attempt of trying to stop those who want to leave.
Maybe that will device a way to mend the pores. Just a suggestion. :)

Chaggoholic.... said...

Like i said those who stay expect more and those who leave i let them go. I do not work on stopping them. Rather i am at the balcony upstairs watching them go as a mere spectator or as a Rocky lifeless mountain....

Meow said...

Soon somebody shall enter
& stay there forever
One without expectations
who says adieu never

The pitcher shall once again overflow
But this time with love immense
The bottom shall then be iron strong
& your life a fairytale hence...

Keep the faith!

Lahari Chatterji said...

I liked the first two paragraphs the most. The paradoxical title also deserves attention.