Saturday, November 15, 2008

Part 4: Hawaii Chappal....

After a while i thought i bring the old favorites back. Here's a Hawaii Chappal soap opera fro you guys....

I am the handy bathroom slipper
Thanklessly called the Hawaai Chappal
Wonder how I got that name
When I haven’t been to Hawaai nor Portugal

I come in all colours red, purple and blue
With most brands listing me in their ensemble
From Bata to Lakhani, Relaxo
to Liberty
Even Reebok and Coverse all stacked in a bundle

If u ask me I would say I am cheap
Never an exhibitionist, just modestly fashionable

Look at me and u will know my owner’s worth
My oh My is that any more arguable????

You would buy a Jimmy Choo or a Gucci shoe
Even an expensive dress to go along with it
With me you don’t need anything at all
Isnt that proof enough- U Dumbwit!!!!

Try sumthing else while u take a bath
Or on a stroll post dinner to get lighter
Try sittin with heels while relieving urself
& u would know my comfort- U Sinner!!!!

Don’t wear me & u shall be barefooted
Making your feet weary and full of cracks
Leave me unattended at parks or temples
I’l be stolen from right under your tracks

I am the weapon of the Indian woman
Be it against husbands or perverted souls

The must haves of politicians & noblemen
M d symbol of power either intact or wid holes

You might be a spoilt scion or a business tycoon
Having private jets, wives, cars to a house beachside
But if you have a broken, tattered and plastered ME
You might be like a King but a stupid pauper inside