Saturday, November 15, 2008

Part 4: Hawaii Chappal....

After a while i thought i bring the old favorites back. Here's a Hawaii Chappal soap opera fro you guys....

I am the handy bathroom slipper
Thanklessly called the Hawaai Chappal
Wonder how I got that name
When I haven’t been to Hawaai nor Portugal

I come in all colours red, purple and blue
With most brands listing me in their ensemble
From Bata to Lakhani, Relaxo
to Liberty
Even Reebok and Coverse all stacked in a bundle

If u ask me I would say I am cheap
Never an exhibitionist, just modestly fashionable

Look at me and u will know my owner’s worth
My oh My is that any more arguable????

You would buy a Jimmy Choo or a Gucci shoe
Even an expensive dress to go along with it
With me you don’t need anything at all
Isnt that proof enough- U Dumbwit!!!!

Try sumthing else while u take a bath
Or on a stroll post dinner to get lighter
Try sittin with heels while relieving urself
& u would know my comfort- U Sinner!!!!

Don’t wear me & u shall be barefooted
Making your feet weary and full of cracks
Leave me unattended at parks or temples
I’l be stolen from right under your tracks

I am the weapon of the Indian woman
Be it against husbands or perverted souls

The must haves of politicians & noblemen
M d symbol of power either intact or wid holes

You might be a spoilt scion or a business tycoon
Having private jets, wives, cars to a house beachside
But if you have a broken, tattered and plastered ME
You might be like a King but a stupid pauper inside


Shravan Vijayaprasad said...

ha! Awesome!!

the way you make even a hawaai slipper make a king feel like a pauper is awesome!! :)

Jahnabi Roy said...

nice...but like i sed earlier...listening to it get recited it way btr than reading it...

Richa said...

now its the turn of flip flops

gr8 yaar!!
i wonder wat s the next?? an underwear??

Jayashree and Just Jay said...

So Sweet Chirag! Was literally smiling when i was reading this mindblowingly cute poem. Must say you have something special and goodness in you that you bring out smile by writing such a sweet peom. Even Hawaii Chappal must be feeling proud for their existence..

Great and Awesome Poem Yaar! Jeep it up...

whoami said...

Welcome back after a brief hiatus!!! Nice try anyway :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Lol! Welcome back! Good post as always!



Vidya said...

Random visitor here...enjoyed your hawaii poem.

ami.... said...

creative writing can turn even a charcoal into a diamond..Thats the way I see your new post''Hawaii chappal''...

:)..enjoyed reading it...

Faith Lasts said...

That was one cute post.
I love Hawai Chappals and am so used to wearing them at home.
But were they always meant to be exclusively for the bathroom?
Nahi Na?

Anyways, Your this display pic is very nice :)

Usha said...

gee. gud'un! :D
i'll go home n express my thankfulness to the poor soul today.

Richa said...

i got sumthn for u, check out the blog :)

or click

WarmSunshine said...

Hi Chirag

This was cute... the idea was so different :)

"I am the weapon of the Indian woman
Be it against husbands or perverted souls"

Now that was funny AND true :P

Happy Blogging!!


Ire said...

Bravo...very nice!

Unknown said...

I sense a difference in tone here, when I compare this one to ur previous poems.
From submissive, you've shifted the mood to being a lil' reproachful(just a lil') ;)....
am i right??? or am i just assuming things?????

Sameera Ansari said...

Woah!That was some kind of opera :P

Very creative! :)

Nebula said...

Geeee .. you are soooo funny ! :D :D
Loved this one !!

Mamta Rivonkar said...

nice opera, like the way u put it... you shud try rapping too..

DMulan said...

haha! ur the best at this!

Unknown said...

hehe that was reallyy cute.. hehe :)

Unknown said...

Btw come and collect your award :)

aria said...

hehe.. i dont think I've read a poem on hawai chappal before.. cool .. enjoyed it :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


ReVelatIon nd TrutH said...

hey...where hv u been? why aint u writin? i aint getn de right inspiration, but i was hopin i cud read some of yours! :-)

DMulan said...

no updates??
anyway, you've been awarded :)

Femin Susan said...

Enjoyed your hawaii poem. really interesting... Good Luck... You are welcomed to my blog…….
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Chirag....I got something for you!



joie de vivre said...

chappal pe poem..

crasiezt said...

Wow Wow Woooooooooooow!!!

Nebula said...

What is my "Hawa-Hawaii" friend doing these days?! :D
..Write n write more!

Pooja said...



Unknown said...

chirag...:) nice post..:)
long time..:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

very funny and witty..

i didn't knew that hawaai chappal's can have so much of attitude...:P
whatever..they deserve it..:)

vibha reddy said...

too cool, and whoa look at this.. i know u coz u r the chaipatty guy.. been there couple of times..