Monday, February 16, 2009

Why so Serious????-Part2

First of all a big sorry to all as i have just never been around. Even now all i could do is post this new one. Recession has hit me bad but i aint complaining, i m still fighting. Salsa'a a real boon during these time. My classes have swelled up. Life’s been not so bad in fact very good. Every time I have tried to create chaos and wreck havoc further to whatever damage already done, I have repeatedly been blessed with a fresh start, a new launch-pad. Here’s a new take on the poem, “Why so Serious????”. This time it’s me and my life talking to each other….

I have loved you right from when you were born

Giving you a destiny carved with sensitivity and care

You have been my favorite pupil

For only you understood my underlying true ideology

I am harsh for most, soft for a blessed few

People call me names but I don’t care a damn

They chose me each time they changed tracks to go forward

I might have been unfair, sad, harsh maybe even boring

I never decided what becomes of them when they grow up

Who did they meet or whom they fell in love with

Whom did they idolize, who ended up being despicable

All these were their decisions, don’t put it on me!!!!

Why blame me when the sky turns dark

When they miss the bus or fail in class

When they get rejected or when they are left alone

It’s their doing, own it or else fell good sticking it on me

Had they thought of it when they gave it their best shot

Of all that could go wrong, things that may fall apart

They would have been less affected, less pissed at me

But they were optimistic for it’s a virtue of the great

Ever thought what a pessimist but with brains would be like

A clever planned guy- opinionated but shrewd

For he would picture it at its worst before surging ahead

That way he would feel less jittered when it falls apart

They would call him names, talk behind his back

Constantly put him down, never giving him a chance

But he’s much beyond what you think, clever and smart

Not modest but well prepared, for he will always take me head on

He still does feel sad though mostly glad

For he knew things were rosy a bit far too long

Troubles and tensions would just come along

He’s prepared; he will just smile and put them aside.

No wonder he’s my muse, my blue-eyed boy

He will throng to achieve what most don’t bother to

The hunger in him so big that it can drown many like you

Because he knows me well, he will follow through

He will stand up every time he falls down

Start again every time I shun him down

Never say enough is enough because more will come

Keep running from time for that’s his worst enemy

I am talking to him now and I am sure he knows

Son you are a gem, a one in a million

I know I bruised you again but gather yourself like you always do

Wipe your tears, brush away your woes for a new day is waiting

Waiting for you to start your hunt again, time to move on

Look up and smile, “Why so Serious????”