Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now that you are gone....

Dont know how many of you read my first blog, my second to be precise called "The Mountain and the River". Please have a look at the earlier post titled "The Mountain and the River" before going through this. It will make things fall in place. There was this one very sweet comment which came about the same time when i had written a continuation for it. It is from "Meow", wonder where that came from but its placed just before my current continuation. Drop in your comments....

**That's the fate of us mountains
little do we know
The bitter truth of life
& let the river flow
To use us just as a path
& go to the ocean wide
That's how it was destined
& we as mere spectators, abide....**

** By Meow

Now that you are gone

The days are pale
The rains are dry
The nights are dark
The stars too shy

Now that you are gone

My mind is lost
My heart’s in pain
My eyes fill up
But tears refrain

Now that you are gone

I have a body
But seem to have lost my soul
Life’s become pointless

Without you there’s no goal

Now that you are gone

You were my everything
You gone, now I am broke
Can still hum a tune
No guitar to stroke

Now that you are gone

I don’t think I am dead
But my soul sure is
My world’s not over
But my story sure is!

Now that you are gone

I wish somehow you come back
Back to me soon
I am the earth
All i want is my moon....


Meow said...

Well done my friend!! This one's more like I write, very simple but touches a chord within.. Loved it..

I guess we could some day combine both our poems and make a nice long one..:)

Blessed Be

Chaggoholic.... said...

Here's to a future collaboration of two soon to be hopelessly great minds.Hehe....

Stranger in the mirror! said...

simple yet reaches out and touches the heartstrings...lovely work:)