Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like an object on the floor....

Been away thinking life had become easy though hard but it was more of challenges than let downs. Didn’t know I would be back so soon….

Like an object on the floor

You had your days of glory and fame,

Of people you could trust to carry your name

Suddenly u were stabbed and down everything came,

U had no one around to help but just yourself to blame.

U looked bruised like one who lost his game.

Given up the fight, hanging pointless in aim,

I offered to help to make everything the same

You lapped me up, your savior I became.

I worked hard and alone for many fortunes I had to claim,

Adding fresh colours to the fallen picture well all over again.

Just so that the one final day I eventually put in a frame

People would see my effort, the picturesque destiny I cud tame.

The results were there, rewards none and the excuses lame.

Silent scheming, plans of deceit & efforts to maim,

Letting all my achievements go down in flames

Calling me a showoff.. My head down in shame..

Not because what I did for you went down in vain,

But for being someone u could use & throw away when in gain.

Not recognizing the sacrifice nor the months of pain

Treating me like an object on the floor one that can never complain….


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Chag!! Welcome back my friend! You've been gone too long now! Good to see an update!

And these lines, wonderful composition on life's happenstances!

aria said...

Welcome back Chirag! missed reading you.. hope you've been well.
I know this feeling .. your words touch the deepest chords .. right where it hurts the most..
don't know what else to say.. I am quite moved.

Chaggoholic.... said...

@Rakesh thnx man i m back and with a barrage of feelings and things i hv penned from this last bout of escapades life gave me. Lets see how i take it thru....

@Aria i missed u too my dear. And oddly so i find u in the middle of an oddity urself. No wonder i call u ma soul sistah....