Saturday, May 19, 2012

A promise that begins and a promise to end..

A promise that started it all,
To be the one for you,
To be the only one that mattered;
Maybe only at times ur want mattered the most.

A promise to be the one , the only one to reach your soul,
Was it the bed, the sheets, the floor, Or the house, the day,
the moment or ur mindset, That left me used as a pit-stop.
When all u wanted was to wildly sin right before your vows.

A promise to keep holding hands never to let go,
the was it fame or the name or the secretly crazy possessive,
At times a Child's play odd attitude; Or was it the everyday
to make u feel secure dinners or the cafes,
The has-to-be weekly visit to settle insecurities;
Or the sad typical societal gold-digger in you that,
Left me unused unfelt with reasons vague for most but to me.

A promise to be together in coupledom infinite.
The midnight coupling rituals that would make up for everything odd in the day,
A day full of errands of a typical soon to be couple state of affairs,
Then was it me, my family, my way of life, my work preferences;
Or was it u and ur imaginary delusional world of a vegetative family,
Crude friends, ur demeaning acts of impulsive unimportance insignificance,
That was pitted against my close to perfection seeking egoistic way of life
expecting you to raise ur bar and aim at better make you leave me hanging for a while
To further insult with ur nonsensical indulgences...
You of all have dealt the final blow leaving em a Robot, lifeless,
e-motionless and wasted as one can be..

A promise to start it all,
And a promise that ends it and me...

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Swati said...

Poetic Excellence!Love after all....Makes one excel beyond limits.